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Stevie-Louise Ritchie – Sexy Secretary!

Stevie-Louise Ritchie puts her feet up at OnlySecretaties

Stevie-Louise Ritchie puts her feet up at Only-Secretaries

Stevie-Louise Ritchie in her bra at OnlySecretaries

Stevie-Louise Ritchie in her bra at Only-Secretaries

If there’s one girl that I think about a lot at the moment, it’s Stevie-Louise Ritchie! You may also know Stevie-Louise as Jessica Dior. This gorgeous Brit Babe moved down from Scotland last year with a view to persuing her modelling career, which I sincerly hope takes off! Because I could spend all day (and all of the night) watching Stevie-Louise Ritchie taking her clothes off! In fact, on occasion, I have. Not quite all night. But almost!

And wouldn’t you, given half the chance! This fabulous 21 year-old has one of the most sumptuous bodies that you could imagine! Her breasts are truely magnificent, and her ass is so delightfully round and soft that she could sit on my lap all night long! As long as she doesn’t mind sitting on hard objects, that is!

Anyway, before I go off into my own little world again, fantasising about all the things I would like to do with Stevie-Louise Ritchie, I should just tell you that these pictures come to you courtesy of the excellent Only-Secretaries website! Well worth a look if you’re into sexy secretaries like Stevie-Louise Ritchie!

P.S. As soon as I’d finished writing this post, I nipped down to my local cafe for a spot of lunch. I settled down with my coffee and a well-thumbed copy of  “The Sun”. And guess who’s on page three? You got it! Stevie-Lousie Ritchie! Nice pic too! It must be a sign! Have a good one!

Jessica Dior (aka Stevie-Louise Ritchie)

Just over a year ago, a beautiful and busty blonde babe burst out of her bra and into the world of modelling! Her name was Jessica Dior! She had her own site, which seemed to be going well, until a while back when it just disappeared! I certainly thought that we may never get the chance to see Jessica Dior again!

But all is not lost! Jessica Dior is back, but now she’s going by the name of Stevie-Louise Ritchie! And here are a couple of pictures of her from a free photo gallery from St Mackenzie’s in which Stevie-Louise Ritchie takes off her school uniform [unfortunately, this gallery is no longer there, so I had to remove the link - sorry! Gramps, 8/7/2010].

And, just in case you’re wondering, St Mackenzie’s is brilliant school-themed multi-model site! And the girls of St Mackenzie’s make the girls of St Trinian’s look like virgin saints! If you like sexy babes in – and out of – their school uniforms, you really need to check out St Mackenzie’s!

Stevie-Louise Ritchie in her school uniform at St Mackenzie's

Stevie-Louise Ritchie in her school uniform at St Mackenzie's

Stevie-Louise Ritchie (aka Jessica Dior) takes down her knickers on the stairs

Stevie-Louise Ritchie (aka Jessica Dior) pulls down her pink panties