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Girl Fight at St Mackenzie’s!

Kayleigh Williams didn’t get into St Mackenzie’s so she goes to St Michael’s Comprehensive down the road instead, and she harbours grudges against several of the St Mackenzie’s girls. Goodness knows there are enough of them who want to get back at her for some reason or another, and one such girl is Candice Collyer…

Candice Collyer and Kayleigh Williams fighting

Candice Collyer and Kayleigh Williams fighting in their school uniforms

Candice has heard that Kayleigh would be alone in detention after school that day, so she goes off to pick a fight with her; she climbs in through the window and attacks her raven-haired enemy! And soon, as the fight hots up, the two girls start ripping each other’s clothes off…

Candice Collyer and Kayleigh Williams fighting

Candice Collyer and Kayleigh Williams rip each other's uniforms off

Finally, both girls are naked, except for thie legwear, and Candice manages to tie Kayleigh to a chair with her own school tie, before making good her escape! And fortunately the whole episode was captured on camera; you can see a few of the pics in this St Mackenzie’s image gallery, but to get the whole image set – that’s 125 pictures – you’ll be wanting to visit St Mackenzie’s, which is, without doubt, the most unruley school on the web!

Headmistress Mackenzie Contemplates the School Uniform

Headmistress Mackenzie is contemplating the St Mackenzie’s  school uniform, deciding whether it needs to be updated for the upcoming school year. Perhaps a more demure uniform would help cure some of the discipline problems and ease some of the sexual tension at the school? Eventually the Headmistress decides to try it on for herself, which, of course, means that she first has to take off her blouse, skirt and bra, as we watch! And once she has changed,  Headmistress Mackenzie looks – and feels – so hot! So much so that she realises that she can’t, in all conscience, deny her girls the pleasure of wearing such a sexy school uniform!

Headmistress Mackenzie tries on the official St Mackenzie's school uniform for herself

Headmistress Mackenzie tries on the official St Mackenzie's school uniform for herself

I’m still not sure who took these photos of Headmistess Mackenzie trying on her school’s official uniform, but there are more of them for you to enjoy in Mackenzie White’s free image gallery!

Teacher Blackmailed by Pupils!

Did you read about the afternoon when naughty St Mackenzie’s student Sophie Barrett skipped off Miss Hayley’s hockey class, only to be caught by Miss Holli who then gave her wine and got her drunk in the staff room? If not, you can catch up by reading about it in “Miss Holli Gets Sophie Barrett Drunk!” on GrampsGirls. Well – and you might have wondered about this – the reason why Miss Hayley didn’t chase after Sophie herself was because at the exact same time as Sophie ran off, Amy Green and Cat O’Connell ran off in the other direction! So Miss Hayley had to decide which girls to follow, and she went after Amy and Cat! Although I bet that she now wishes that she hadn’t…

Amy Green and Cat O'Connell show Miss Hayley the dirty pictures they have found of her

Amy Green and Cat O'Connell show Miss Hayley the dirty pictures they have found of her

By the time that Miss Hayley had caught up with them, Amy and Cat were already in Mr Grimey’s shed – Mr Grimey is the school caretaker, and a bit of a dirty old man, if the truth be told – and they were looking through his pile of dirty magazines. And in his newest magazine, a copy of “Perfect 10″, they had found Hayley-Marie Coppin, who they instantly recognised as Miss Hayley! So when Miss Hayley burst in shouting at them to get back to the hockey field, they confronted her with her nudie pics! Miss Hayley was mortified! And it got even worse for Miss Hayley; the naughty girls blackmailed her to strip naked, and then made her watch and hold the magazine and their discarded clothes as they undressed each other…

Amy Green and Cat-O'Connell force Miss Hayley to strip naked and then to watch as they undress too

Amy Green and Cat-O'Connell force Miss Hayley to strip naked and then to watch as they undress too

You can see more of Hayley-Marie Coppin’s humiliation, and of naughty schoolgirls Amy and Cat stripping out of their hockey outfits, in this fantastic image gallery, or you could simply join St Mackenzie’s and download the full photoset!

P.S. I have to confess I’m a little worried for Miss Hayley! What’s to say that will be an end to the matter? Amy and Cat will always have this over her now, so they could always blackmail her again in the future! Who knows what they’ll make her do! And it won’t have escaped Mr Grimey’s notice either that “Hayley” in his girlie mag is Miss Hayley, so will he blackmail her as well? We’ll have to wait and see…

Miss Holli Gets Sophie Barrett Drunk!

Oh dear! What is it coming to at St Mackenzie’s when the staff’s behaviour is even worse than that of the students! Because that definitely was the case on the day when pretty blonde student Sophie Barrett skived off from Miss Hayley’s hockey lesson, and decided to hide out in the staff room, thinking that all of the teachers would have gone home for the day! But Miss Holli came in and caught her! Poor Sophie was really frightened that she was going to be in so much trouble, as she’s already had two detentions this year! But Miss Holli was surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing – I think that Sophie is one of Miss Holli’s favourites, actually, mainly because Sophie lists home economics, which Miss Holli teaches, as her favourite lesson! Anyway, rather than giving Sophie a good telling off and sending her off to Headmistress Mackenzie’s office, she gives her a glass of wine! And she didn’t stop at just the one glass either! Soon Sophie is quite drunk, and much to Miss Holli’s amusement, Sophie starts to undress in front of her! Unsurprisingly, Miss Holli gets horny, and starts to strip off herself…

Sophie Barrett and Miss Holli together in the staff room at St Mackenzie's

Miss Holli gets Sophie Barrett drunk in the staffroom at St Mackenzie's

I was so – ahem, let’s say “inspired” – inspired by this photoset that I built a free image gallery with more pictures for you to see! Of course, to get every one of the images in this scene you’ll be wanting to enrol at St Mackenzie’s!

Syren Sexton at St Mackenzie’s

If you’re ever looking for a girl to spice things up a bit, then chances are that Syren Sexton is your girl! And now Syren Sexton is a student at St Mackenzie’s, so Headmistress Mackenzie is going to have her work cut out keeping her in check! And already Syren Sexton is pushing the boundaries of what is accepted behaviour at the school; twice she has been caught stripping off, which is what all the girls do there, so fair enough, but on each occasion she has ended up in most “unladylike” poses, with her knickers off and her legs wide open! Check out these image galleries for documentary evidence of this naughty girl’s misbehaviour; Syren Sexton striptease #1 and Syren Sexton striptease #2! And enjoy!

Syren sexton stripping off at St Mackenzie's

Syren Sexton takes off her college uniform and her lingerie at St Mackenzie's

Amy Green – in trouble at St Mackenzie’s!


Amy Green is ordered to take off her sexy over the knee socks

Miss Elise orders blonde student Amy Green to take off her very sexy over the knee socks

I am sorry to say that Amy Green, one of my favourite totty students at St Mackenzie’s, has been getting herself into quite a bit of trouble since we last saw her on GrampsGirls!

In the first incident, Deputy Headmistress Elise, who is a strict authoritarian (and much stricter than Headmistress Mackenzie herself, if the truth be know) spotted that Amy Green was wearing “inappropriate socks”! Personally, I have a great deal of sympathy with Amy over this one; although her over the knee socks are not strictly in accordance with the school rules, Amy did look very sexy in them!

But Miss Elise saw fit to summon Amy to her office, where she made her remove the offending articles of clothing, and then proceeded to administer three sharp strokes with her cane across the soles of Amy’s pretty little size six feet! Not satisfied that this was sufficient punishment, Miss Elise then made Amy strip naked, whereupon she caned Amy’s bottom, leaving three red marks behind! A free image gallery was produced to document Amy’s punishment, presumably at Miss Elise’ behest, and presumably to deter the other girls from making the same mistake!

And Amy Green was in the wars again in a second and very regrettable incident involving Kayleigh Williams, a student at St Michael’s Comprehensive, and Amy’s arch-enemy. Kayleigh sent a message to Amy, demanding that she meet her by Mr Grimey’s shed (Mr Grimey is the caretaker at St MacKenzie’s). When Amy arrived, Kayleigh attacked her, pushing and pulling her and ripping her clothes off, until Amy was left naked, except for her socks and shoes. And then, as a final act of degradation, Kayleigh took her own clothes off, and threw them at Amy, before leaving her alone, cowering and naked.

And the incident was made all the more regrettable by the fact that someone photographed the whole encounter, and has issued an image gallery showing Amy’s humiliation! I am not sure who would have done such a thing; perhaps Kayleigh brought along one of her minions to take the pics. Or perhaps Mr Grimey was lurking in the bushes with his long lens! But one thing is for sure; knowing Amy Green, this incident will not go unpunished, and Kayleigh has better watch out!

Amy Green and Kayleigh Williams fight

Amy Green and Kayleigh Williams fight and Amy is left naked and humiliated

Danielle Maye strips naked – St Mackenzies video

In this teasing Danielle Maye video gallery from St MacKenzie’s, Danielle is waiting for a one-on-one advanced Spanish lesson. But “Miss” is late, and Danielle gets bored, so she starts to take her clothes off, as seems the norm at St MacKenzie’s! Eventually, Danielle Maye is totally naked, except for her black hold-up stockings! But the thing is that once upon a time, if a St MacKenzie’s girl took her knickers off, she would only do so very coyly, but  nowadays a number of the St MacKenzie’s girls are being less reticent about showing between their legs! And, as you’ll see straight away when you check out his excellent video gallery, Danielle Maye is one of those very naughty girls!

Danielle Maye strips naked on video at St MacKenzie's

Danielle Maye strips naked on video at St MacKenzie's

There are more great galleries on the St MacKenzie’s index pages at Gorgeous Model Girls!

Naughty Student Amy Green

This beautiful blonde is Amy Green. She is a top British model, as well as being one of the sexy pupils at St Mackenzie’s! And, it seems, she still finds time between her studies and her modelling career to sneak out of school to meet boys! In fact, Headmistress Mackenzie spotted her doing just that only the other day! Here is Headmistress Mackenzie’s report on the incident…

“Amy has snuck out of class and has planned to meet a boy in Mr Grimey’s shed. She arrives early and is feeling a bit anxious she will get caught. She is feeling very naughty so she decides to strip out of her cute outfit and lingerie so when he arrives she is completely naked! Let’s hope she doesn’t get caught by Deputy Headmistress Elise!”

A couple of notes about Headmistress Mackenzie’s account of the matter, if I may… First of all, Mr Grimey is the school caretaker, and known by the girls to be a bit of a dirty old man himself. Personally, I’d be more concerned about Amy being caught by Mr Grimey than by deputy head Miss Elise! Although, it has to be said, Deputy Headmistress Elise is renowned for being a very strict disciplinarian! And finally – and just a thought – interesting that Headmistress Mackenzie simply observed the goings-on, but didn’t intervene herself, don’t you think! Oh, and just who took these and the other pics that have found their way onto Amy Green’s image gallery from St Mackenzie’s?

Amy Green gets horny waiting for her boyfriend in Mr Grimey's shed

Amy Green gets horny waiting for her boyfriend in Mr Grimey's shed