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Mica Martinez’ Knickers Come Off!

It’s always a pleasure to see more of Mica Martinez, and we do get to see a little more of her in this new Mica Martinez image gallery! Mica is doing a sexy striptease for us on her bed; first her camisole comes off, then her hold-up stockings, and then her knickers come off as well! And who knows what may come off after that! But before you go rushing through to Mica’s nude pics, please spare a moment to savour the earlier photos; those knickers are very see-through at the front, and through them you’ll catch some tantiising glimpses of Mica’s pretty little pussy!

Mica Martinez strips naked on the bed

Mica Martinez does a sexy striptease for us on her bed

Mica Martinez – First Pussy Flash!

Great news for fans of UK glamour girl Mica Martinez!

Not only has a great new Mica Martinez image gallery been released, but it also contains Mica Martinez’ first flash of pussy! It is just a flash, but it’s a first, and something that I’ve been longing to see for over a year now! Excellent!

Mica Martinez in - and out of - her Daisy Duke costume

Mica Martinez takes off her Daisy Duke outfit

And, even leaving Mica Martinez’ pussy aside, this is an excellent photoshoot to boot! Mica herself is looking great (I think she’s been working out of late), and her outfit is perfect; check shirt and cut-off denim shorts, reminiscent of Daisy Duke! I’m not sure that “Tom & Jerry” pink cotton knickers would have been quite Daisy’s style, although Mica makes them work for her! And me!

Brooke Lee Playmates is the place to go for the full Mica Martinez image set! Enjoy!

Mica Martinez at Brooke Lee Playmates

I still remember when I first saw gorgeous UK girl Mica Martinez! Well, I should do, it was only three weeks ago! She was on telly one night when I switched it on for a couple of minutes before bed! But, I can tell you, watching this horny girl flaunting her body – she has great tits, and her behind is absolutely amazing – well, let’s just say that Mica Martinez kept me up for another hour or so! Hmmm, a bit longer really, ‘cos by the time I was ready for bed, I needed a shower first, if you know what I mean!

Horny UK model Mica Martinez

Horny UK model Mica Martinez

But today’s great news is that I’ve now found Mica Martinez on the web! She’s at Brooke Lee Playmates, which is a great site featuring lots of favourite UK girls, including Brooke Lee herself, Cat O’Connell and Stevie-Louise Ritchie! Well worth a look, I’d say! And here’s a link to Mica Martinez’ free photo gallery from Brooke Lee Playmates! Book that shower now!