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Caprice – Backdoor Lover

Caprice certainly seems like a girl who likes sex! With girls and boys! And we’ve seen her do most things, but she does more than I’ve ever seen her do before in this hardcore image gallery entitled “Backdoor Lover”! Yes, the clue’s in the name! Not only does she wank, suck and fuck her guy, but she lets him take her up the ass as well! There’s a little video on that gallery page as well, but to see the whole scene, you’ll be wanting to join up at x-art!

Caprice with a cock in her hand

Caprice wanks and sucks her guy's cock, before letting him fuck her pussy and her ass!

Caprice and a Hot Blonde!

Caprice has met up with her new – and very hot! – blonde girlfriend down by the pool, and they can’t keep their hands off each other! Not that you could blame them, either of them, they are both incredibly hot and horny girls! And after much kissing (with tongues) and groping, they are soon naked and Caprice is finger-fucking her blonde friend to orgasm! Check out this image gallery for more pics from this horny lesbian encounter, or you could just cut to the chase and join OnlyCuties and start downloading the whole photoset!

Caprice has lesbian sex with her hot blonde girlfriend

Caprice has lesbian sex with her hot blonde girlfriend

Ultimate Teen Lesbian Pairing

If we had a survey of which two girls would make up he ultimate teen pairing for a lesbian photoset, then I reckon that Caprice and Franziska Facella would both figure pretty highly in the rankings! After all, they are both top girls and would contrast very nicely as well; there’s Franziska with her blonde hair and tiny tits, and Caprice with her dark hair and much more ample boobs! And I guess that the guys at were thinking along the same lines when commissioned this wonderful photoshoot, which they called “Double the Pleasure“, probably referring to the double-ended dildo that Caprice and Franziska share!

Ultimate teen lesbian pairing - Caprice and Franziska Facella

Caprice and Franziska Facella enjoy lesbian sex together

P.S. There’s a video clip of Caprice and Franziska Facella making out in the “Double the Pleasure” gallery as well! Well worth a look!

Caprice – Sexy Secretary in Glasses!

Whoever said that “men never make passes at girls who wear glasses” either needs glasses himself, or else had probably never seen Caprice in her sexy secretary outfit! Because Caprice is looking as horny as fuck in her black-rimmed glasses, white shirt, black mini skirt and black stockings and suspenders! And when you start looking up Caprice’ skirt, you can’t help but notice that her knickers are see-through! And when Caprice undresses for you, she doesn’t hold anything back; as if her black panties aren’t revealing enough, she’ll pull them to one side to give you a good look at her pussy, and then take them off completely! But be warned! When you check out this excellent  Caprice image gallery, or indeed her full photoset from OnlyTease, if you look for too long you might start needing glasses yourself, if you know what I mean!

Caprice strips out of her sexy secretary outfit

Caprice strips out of her sexy secretary outfit

Caprice Hardcore from

Caprice sucks cock

Caprice lays on the table and sucks cock

Caprice, who is also known as “Little Caprice”, is a great looking girl, some might say that she is “perfect”. And so when the guys at called this free image gallery “Fucking Perfection“, they weren’t wrong! Because everything about this hardcore photoshoot is spot on – Caprice herself, the location, the wonderful natural lighting – everything has just come together to make one of the best boy/girl photosets ever! As you’ll see from all my posts about x-art, they always do produce beautiful erotica, but they have really excelled themselves this time!

Caprice getting fucked from behind

Caprice bends over the table and gets fucked from behind