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Zuzana Zeleznovova Anal Sex

It’s always a special treat to find a photoset or video of one of your favorite girls doing something that you’ve never seen them doing before! And, for some reason, I always find it especially so, if it was very early in their modelling career! And so you can imagine how “overjoyed” I became when I came across a second very early photoset of Zuzana Zeleznovova doing hardcore (here’s my post about the first Zuzana Zeleznovova hardcore gallery that I found)…

Zuzana Zeleznovova having Anal Sex

Zuzana Zeleznovova having Anal Sex

… but this time I had to do a double-take! “It’s not, is it? Oh! Oh, fuck me! It is! It’s up her ass! Zuzana Zeleznovova doing anal! Who’d have thought it” I certainly wouldn’t have! But it’s there for all to see! And you can see some more pictures from this very early Zuzana Zeleznovova anal hardcore photoshoot in this Honey School gallery entitled “Zuzana Z Hot Ass Work Out”!

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