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Denim Cut-Offs and Hold-Up Stockings!

You know how you see lots of girls these days wearing denim shorts or cut-offs along with tights, usually black ones? I must say that I’ve always loved that look! And I’ve always thought about how sexy – ha ha, downright slutty actually – it would look if a girl were to wear hold-up stockings with her shorts! Especially fishnet ones! But I’d never seen quite the look I was after until now… and, almost inevitably, I have little Faye X to thank! Doesn’t she look so good dressed like that! I’d be pleading with her not to undress; not for a while anyway! Check out Faye X’s image gallery from TeenDreams; you’ll see her slowly take off that sexy outfit, before opening her legs and spreading her pussy lips apart for you! Because, as Faye knows only too well, you can’t wank over personality!

Faye X in denim shorts and hold-up stockings

Faye X in denim shorts and hold-up stockings

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