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Melissa Hardcore Photos!

You know how sometimes you meet a girl who’s so hot that you get an almost-instant hard on, and the more you will it to go away, the bigger and harder it gets? Well, that happened to this guy; Melissa had just poured him a drink and he couldn’t help himself; the more he looked at her, the more he wanted to fuck her. And in the end, he just pulls his cock out and plays with himself, looking at her! And he’s none to discreet about it either, he makes sure that Melissa sees him! But rather than call the Police to report him, she gets horny too, and in no time he’s got his wish! Melissa is sucking and fucking on his cock! It’s not for the first time that I say “if only things were that straighforward in real life”!

Melissa in hardcore action, early in her modelling career

Top glamour babe Melissa in hardcore photos from early in her career

Melissa is, in fact, one of today’s top glamour models; you may well have already come across her on the web. She uses various different names, including Carrie du Four, Melisa Mindy, and Melissa Mendiny. But she doesn’t do hardcore porn! Well, not any more! But when she was just starting out as a model, Melissa did do a couple of hardcore fucking photosets! There are more pictures from this set in Melissa’s hardcore image gallery, and, for completeness, here’s a link to a gallery from Melissa’s other hardcore photoshoot! And if you want to download all the pictures from both of Melissa’s early hardcore sessions, you can get them all from TeenDreams! Enjoy!

Chiara – Early Hardcore Photoset!

Chiara is a very popular and classy model, generally confining herself to softcore solo girl photoshoots, and appearing mainly on the ‘nude art’ style websites! But here is a photoset from early in her modelling career, before she was so well-established…

Ciara in early hardcore action

Top model Chiara in early hardcore action

Yes, it’s true, Chiara’s in boy/girl action! It’s always a special treat to come across one of today’s top girls’ youthful indiscretions, and Chiara’s hardcore image gallery is a prime example! Chiara, as a teen, sucking, fucking, and receiving a facial! Perfect! There are 226 pictures in this image sequence, and you can download them all when you join TeenDreams!

Eufrat’s Dirtiest Hardcore Images! Ever!

Eufrat is one of the internet’s most successful glamour/porn models, and yet it is very seldom that she goes all the way and does hardcore! So when a new Eufrat hardcore scene is published, it’s something to write home about!

So here is Eufrat’s newest hardcore image gallery! And, what’s more, it is Eufrat’s dirtiest hardcore shoot to date! Not only does Eufrat suck, tit-fuck and pussy fuck, but she is also handcuffed and blindfolded for part of the scene, and the guy uses a variety of sex toys on her pussy and her ass! Wow! And when he does finally unload, he does so quite justifiably all over Eufrat’s oiled-up tits!

Eufrat in her dirtiest hardcore photoset ever!

Eufrat in her dirtiest hardcore photoset ever!

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Pretty Teen Amiee Fucking her Boyfriend!

There’s not much better in life than to be fucking a pretty blonde teenage girl like Aimee! But the chances are that we won’t get to do that, not for a while at any rate, because she is so “into” her boyfriend! And, even if that weren’t the case, the chances would be next to none for most of us; “Bob Hope and No Hope”, as they say! So, I guess, the next best thing is to watch them together!

And we can, thanks to TeenDreams! They’ve got a video of Aimee having sex, which lasts for nearly 25 minutes, and a 134 image photoset of Aimee sucking and fucking as well! And I can tell you that Aimee really is a dream teen; she starts off all coy and innocent, and ends up taking his cum load in her face like a proper little porn star in the making! Just what you want from your teenage girlfriend!

Pretty blonde teen Aimee fucks her boyfriend

Pretty blonde teen Aimee fucks her boyfriend

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Cute Teen Hardcore

When I first started looking through this photoset from TeenDreams, I was expecting to see this cute teen stripping off and masturbating on the bed! And that sounded pretty good to me! But what I wasn’t expecting was that she would be joined by a guy, and soon our cute teen is in the thick of some good old hardcore boy/girl action! And if that sounds pretty good to you, well, you can see a few more images from the start of this photo sequence in this free image gallery!

Cute teen in hardcore action at TeenDreams

Cute teen in hardcore action at TeenDreams

Busty Babe Mina

When you’re in the mood for a busty babe, Mina could be just the girl for you! And she looks great in her black dress, short enough that you can catch the occasional glimpse of the tops of her hold-up stockings! And as she starts to strip off for us inĀ  Mina’s image gallery from TeenDreams, it just gets better and better, as she teases us in her silver/grey bustiere and black knickers. And when they come off and Mina lays back with her legs open, well, you might too!… come off, that is!

Stunning babe Mina takes her dress off and opens her legs for us

Stunning babe Mina takes her dress off and opens her legs for us

Stunning Blonde Teen Valya

This stunning blonde teenager is Valya, from TeenDreams! And, isn’t she gorgeous! In her little matching lingerie set, you can see that she’s special! So slim, and such a narrow waist! But – oh boy! – when she pulls her top up for you, that’s when you realise that Valya has the most amazing breasts, almost out of proportion for one so petite! Ha ha, not that I’m complaining, quite the opposite! And her nipples are still just ever so slightly puffy! Oh yes, Valya is definitely a “keeper”!

Stunning Blonde Teen Valya

Stunning blonde teen Valya from TeenDreams

There are more pictures from this photoset in Valya’s free image gallery! And there’s more about Valya on TeenDreamsBlog!

Sensational Teen Peggy

The sensational teen in the pic on the left is Peggy from ClubSeventeen! She has taken over my favourite teen top spot! What a little cutie! And when you check out Peggy’s solo image gallery, you’ll see that, although she is undoubtedly a fresh teenager, she is perfectly willing to let us see everything! And with such perfect cute teenage looks as well, it’s no wonder that she’s getting guys’ pulses racing! And, as if seeing Peggy by herself isn’t enough, there is also a girl/girl image gallery featuring Peggy and her girlfriend Ginny!

Cute and sexy teen Peggy from ClubSeventeen

Cute and sexy teen Peggy from ClubSeventeen

Oh, and I should add that if you want to see more free pictures of little Peggy, you might like to have a look at our friend’s site, TeenDreamsBlog, where she appears under the name ‘Alice’.